Apr 30, 2009

kl: sakae sushi

the other weekend while deciding on where to eat at klcc, i dismissed the japanese option which as it turns out was sakae. so i looked it up and found that they've got pretty decent reviews and when i read about the soft shell crab temaki i got excited.

so when i went to klcc again, i made it a point to try sakae. they're famous for the conveyor belt from which you choose your food items. the plates are color coded based on their prices.

i got the unagi maki. the combination of eel and crunchy salmon skin was perfect and at RM5.90 for 4 pcs i would think it was a steal. i mean can you really get something like that back in manila for the same price? it was a quick fix for my unagi craving.

the softshell crab temaki took the longest time. and it was not worth to the wait. the crab was skinny...i'm sure there is a better way of describing the crab but think like someone placed a talangka sized crab in your temaki and i was practically eating just nori, at RM5.90 a piece it's definitely not worth it. now, i am still thinking about sugi's soft shell crab roll.

for drinks i picked the most unique item which is mogu mogu. a japanese drink in various flavors with nata de coco. the nata de coco is crushed up in little pieces making it fun to drink. the drink was more expensive than the food items at RM6.90 for a small bottle.

i finally got that sakae must try out of my system. maybe in a more sit down meal i could savor and try more food items.

sakae sushi
ampang mall
5th level, suriaklcc

Apr 28, 2009

who loves yakult?

don't you just wish yakult comes in 1.5L? well one of my friend does and i just realized that almost everyone loves yakult. yakult in malaysia is a bit different.

first it comes in two variants, we have yakult light here not much difference in taste just that the regular one is more strong or sweet in flavor.

second, it comes in a different shaped bottle. i wonder why they deviated from the traditional.

and the last thing is, the extendable straw that comes with it. i'd have to say it's so zusyal hehe.

Apr 23, 2009

heavenly kopi buns

i was at the verge of passing out because of hunger when i smelled a familiar scent...kopi buns!!! i immediately lined up and got myself one.

the outer crust is not hard like the ones i've tried before. the outer layer is like a chewy cookie, has a crustlike skin but still soft in the inside. and when you've come past the kopi layer you will find yourself with a soft pillowy bread smothered with loads of butter. oh men! this is awesome, or am i just too hungry that i deem that these are the best kopi buns i have tried?

as i sit at the concourse level of suriaklcc amazed with my new discovery, my friend arrives and tells me that indeed these are great kopi buns and people line up for it and sometimes you'd end up with nothing after lining up because the kopi buns are still in the oven.

how could i have missed this??? rotiboy is the name of the place and if you've travelled by train going to klcc you will definitely not miss this. i've passed by it several times but the the wafting scent of the buns in the oven never allured me.

after my long tiring day at the pc fair with boxes in tow i still managed to come back to rotiboy to get some more kopi buns to take home. the buns are better when freshly made, i got them newly baked but i stored them at room temperature tightly sealed in a plastic bag and probably the steam somehow made the ice crust a bit soggy when i ate them for breakfast. they have reheating instructions so i guess it would have been best to have stored it in the ref and then reheated.

if you plan on going to klcc on an early morning, skip breakfast and have some great kopi buns from rotiboy at RM1.80 a piece, i'm sure you will not regret it.

concourse level, suriaklcc
kuala lumpur

Apr 17, 2009

kl: bumbu bali

this is my first take on a regular restaurant and it’s not even malay. i’ve been eating at mainstream chain restos all over malls and bumbu bali is far from the previous restos i’ve eaten at.

bumbu bali has nice interiors, not the posh classy one but well decorated with indonesian furnitures. very casual with an open dining area at the first floor where most of the customers dine. the pictures below were taken at the second floor where the restrooms are.

i got ayam betutu which is grilled lemon grass chicken (RM 20.50). far from our own inasal, this one has a mild flavor, plump and juicy chicken which is well done. it has a sweet savory paste that is primarily made up of ginger which you cannot even taste with all the flavors of the spices coming well together.

the plate comes with 1/2 chicken cut into two, really huge chicken pieces that could feed two people, fried crackers, java rice, grilled veggies and two sauces, one is sambal or red chilli sauce and the other one is a oil based with crushed garlic, onions, chilli and other spices. this is definitely a winner, i hope i get the chance to eat here once again.

bumbu bali
bandar puteri
puchong, kl

Apr 1, 2009

pl in kl

i decided to eat at pepper lunch because i wanted to find out if the the rumors are true. rumors that pl in manila is better tasting. to prove that, i went for my favorite cut steak and burger combo. unfortunately, the cashier didn't hear me and she added egg too.

the verdict? first, i wasn't happy with the cut steak. the cut steak in manila has fat which makes it more yummy, definitely unhealthy but more yummy! and the burger? well, i'd have to say that probably there is a difference. the burger i've tried here in kl didn't have that taste that lingers in your palate. unlike in manila wherein you'd be dreaming of eating it for the next day. but still, the burger here has a distinct flavor too which makes it interesting and pleasing to the palate. i cannot exactly figure out the difference if it's the flavor or the intensity of the flavor. maybe the ones here are mildly seasoned compared to manila's.because of these, i'd have to say that i prefer manila's cut steak and burger combo but of course i might just be getting a wee bit biased =).

pepper lunch
pavilion, kl