Oct 4, 2009

SG: modern peking duck

i saw ajay's post on ion orchard and took a mental note since i was sg bound too. of course like most trips, your itinerary never gets followed. on saturday morning we planned to get bfast at a kopi tiam but we got a little bit behind schedule and our actual stop was on ion mall. because i wanted to try the peking duck from ajay's post we decided to get breakfast here instead.

i love duck, i haven't really had decent peking duck so i don't have a point of comparison for this. it's one of the stalls located outside the actual food hall. if you plan to dine there, order your major items inside the food hall because they don't allow food from the stalls outside.

the stall was newly opened when we got there, the auntie slicing up a freshly cooked duck, you can see it was piping hot still. for 6 sgd, i thought this was pretty cheap you get 5 pieces of duck with hoisin sauce wrapped in thin pancakes.

i'm sure it looked much nicer when i first got it, but the walking jumbled them up inside. thick pieces of duck with a rightly seasoned hoisin not too sweet not too salty. now i wonder, are the duck slices supposed to be thick? i deem that it kinda made the whole thing a bit chewy and not tender. also, is the skin supposed to be not crispy? like i've said, i've never had decent peking duck so i don't have a point of comparison. but i was still happy with it, what a nice way to start a day...so typical of me who likes filling breakfasts. btw, we had beef noodles to go with this too hehe.

p.s. now they call peking duck as beijing duck...wonder why the change in name.

modern peking duck
ion mall
orchard road, singapore


  1. I wouldn't mind having this for breakfast!

    Oh, and it's Beijing Duck because "Beijing" was how the city of "Peking" was renamed after the Chinese Cultural Revolution. :)

  2. i see...hehe thanks for the trivia =).