Oct 2, 2009

apple dippers

i know i have not been able to blog lately and i've got too much backlog already...as soon as i am up to speed with the new os i am using i'll probably get more things done. just a quick post on mcD. they call it mcD and not mcdo. i always eat at mcdonald's in any country i go to. i made a short trip to singapore recently and got the chance to eat at mcdo and here's what i saw.

i didn't want to eat at 1am in the morning but my friend insisted to go. i decided to get something light. when i saw the pack of apples i remembered those set meals available at boots which is watson's like in the uk. like you pay 3 pounds for a salad or sandwhich plus drinks and dessert which is packed fruits like this one. i was so elated and when i saw that it comes with a caramel dip i was even more ecstatic. costs a dollar for these babies, don't convert so that you'll not find it expensive.

that's about it. i'll do my sg posts first before the melaka trip so watch out for those.

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