Oct 11, 2009

SG: mos burger

very few chances to try something new but i thought of MOS burger which they have in SG. so it got on my must eat list. got the spicy mos cheeseburger. the only difference of spicy is that it has jalapeƱo.

nothing really special about these burgers. the patty is not that juicy and flavorful. the only unique thing is the salsa type sauce which is pretty much similar to sango. in retrospect, sango seems better than this one and i wasn't even impressed with sango.

found garlic and lemon mussels in their menu. it was unique so i wanted to try it.

the mussels came out a bit different from the pictures. these ones are lightly breaded, which i think is much better. however, i kept looking for the garlic and lemon flavor which i didn't taste and somehow the darker color makes me think that the oil used was not fresh but this was still in the morning when everything should be new.

but this meal was not a total disappointment. my love for strawberries drew my attention to another unique item. ichigo bliss (strawberry bliss).

frozen strawberries filled with cream and white chocolate on top. the strawberries are not flavorful enough probably lost its berry flavor due to being frozen already but i still liked it.

mos is still worth a try though for the unique items. i may not be impressed but you might be able to appreciate it more. try the other food items like the rice burgers which might be more interesting, i was told the scallop rice burger is good.

mos burger
raffles city


  1. I've always liked the food at MOS Burger, but agree with you that the stuff at Sango is much better.

    I'd love to try that strawberry dessert, though.

  2. i guess the food at mos becomes more enjoyable because of their novelty. yeah try the ichigo bliss =)