Oct 20, 2009

sg: no signboard

when it comes to food, singapore is famous for its chilli crabs. so when i went to sg, i promised myself i ought to try authentic singaporean chilli crabs. looked up the net and two places kept popping up. i was supposed to try long beach at dempsey since i wanted to go to the ben and jerry's resto there. but my throat acted up on me and i finally decided to take a reroute to vivo city instead. good thing they have no signboard there, yes that's the name of the restaurant. i would think that no signboard is one of those old fashioned restos i find here in kl that is not commercialized and has this side street/hawker ambiance. but no! it is one of the most expensive crab places in sg. i reckon they have probably evolved from a hawker stall to a formal resto. enough about the blabbering here's what we got.

my 5 SGD buco hahaha, i just had to show. the hell with the hefty price, i just wanted coconut that time.

buttered crayfish (48SGD). fried crayfish with buttery bits of egg if i'm not mistaken. yummy, but did not awe me. and did you see the price tag? aaack!

singaporean chilli crab (48 SGD) there's no weight indicated, i would like to think that they gave us the smallest since only 2 of us were dining. this is sri lankan crab if i'm not mistaken. since crabs are a big thing in sg, they are very conscious of the species like alaskan king crab and the so called typical crab which is sri lankan.

so this is what chilli crab is supposed to be, rich thick sauce with the egg barely noticeable. the egg is well mixed in that you wouldn't distinctly identify the egg. the sauce i reckon has a hint of shrimp paste which did not agree with my palate. there's too much sauce that four pieces of mantou (2SGD) wouldn't suffice.

after the meal, h asked me if it was remarkable. i said no. i know we weren't hungry when we ate, but that should be the true test right? if you are not famished and yet you find the food so delectable. sadly, i will not be dreaming any of these dishes. i'm now thinking whether the black pepper crabs are better than the chilli crabs. but over all, i would prefer eating crabs in those hawker style side street restos in kl or even in sg. this one is charged to experience, i will not do this again! of course i never contemplated on the price when we were paying for it but later on i realized it was so not worth it.

no signboard
vivo city


  1. ang mahal naman nun buko pero makinis ha...hehee

  2. actually it's 5.90 pala hehe...karamihan ng restos kahit dito sa kl ganyan ang buko wala na yung husk.