Jun 11, 2008

yummy treat at pepper lunch

note: this should have been posted weeks ago.

i was able to convince j and b to get lunch at the newest "hottest" place in the metro. pepper lunch opened last week at the powerplant mall in rockwell. i've read a couple of posts already. they said there's usually a long queue. on a thursday? probably not. thought wrong, there was a long queue when we arrived.

we all ordered the same stuff, cut steak and burger. the food is served on hot plates ~ this alone lured me to this place hehe. half cooked food served on sizzling plates.

you have to cook them yourself as soon as they are served. after which, you can put a honey or garlic based soy sauce to flavor them.

the vanilla crepe cake piqued my interest so i convinced them to get one too. i find it good, light not too sweet and perfectly cold.

a bit steep for a casual dining experiencing but it's still worth it. the burger steak had this lingering effect in our palates. as pointed out by chuvaness, this is the best burger in town and i have to agree. definitely coming back!

pepper lunch
concourse level, powerplant mall


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    yay, thank you for this!

  2. looks like they have the same concept as pepper steak... thanks for sharing your interesting finds...

  3. hi chuvaness - really glad you brought it here.

    hi mikky - i believe pepper steak got its concept from pepper lunch. haven't tried the other one but pepper lunch is something you ought to try.

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    really have to eat here soon

  5. try it!!! lemme me know what you think of the other food items. they say the ribeye is good.