Jun 11, 2008

no spoon at cuillere

cuillere (kuyer) is french for spoon. however, like most restos serving foreign cuisines, you'd only find a fork and a knife on your table.

b and i had a couple of minutes looking over the menu, deciding which ones were' gonna get. i was so hungry already. good thing they have free bread. it was very warm, crunchy outside crust while soft and airy inside. served with butter flavored with spring onions. we both talked about how so much butter is given and what they do with the excess. kitchen nightmares running through our heads hehe.

so finally, we decided to get the epaule d'agneau which is grilled lamb shoulder served on top of ratatouille with mustard butter and mashed potatoes. the lamb was ordered to be cooked medium. my first bite was perfect, the lamb was tender and was not gamy at all. but as you go through the huge slab of meat, it becomes chewy and harder to cut. not sure if it was because it's the shoulder which made it a bit more tough or having it medium well would be better. because as i recalled, the earlier bites that were cooked medium well were more tender.

the ratatouille is not hot...you know me i love my food piping hot. but b said the temperature was ok. anyway, it was so so. the mashed potatoes is actually gratin dauphinois, was no near creamy and it was quite runny for a mashed potato. it was flavorful though with hints of garlic.

we also got baked penne with zucchini and eggplants. it was not part of the regular menu, we got it from the chalk board. we were told we'll get our meal in 20 minutes because of the pasta, but it took longer. the pasta was nothing extraordinary it tasted like the ratatouille, if it weren't for the bigger slices of the veggies and the more crunchy texture, i would have thought it was pasta tossed with ratatouille and then baked.

i should have remembered that the carabao milkshake was not extraordinary. but i was excited with the thought of cheese milkshake that i still ordered it. if it was a steak, i would think that i was bound for a major heart attack. totally fattening and absolutely not guilt free.

the service is so so, probably nice place to eat at if there's something in the menu that piques your interest and palate.

serendra, the fort


  1. The lamb shoulder is huge =) Hmmmm I think it should be eaten hot or it'll become gummy...

  2. super huge and i think it's only 495.

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    was disppointed with their milik shake as well