Jun 25, 2008

gloria maris - shangrila

a friend has been asking me to try out the shangri-la branch of gloria maris. has to be this particular branch =). wanted to try the duck with taro but it wasn't in the menu. i asked the waiter but he said there isn't anything like that. is this supposed to be a special order since jv was able to get some.

anyway, i ordered what i was supposed to try in the first place. shabu shabu/hotpot. ordered the hotpot for two (500++). i got the dry scallop and wintermelon soup since i want to try out a different broth other than the usual sate. we were served with two plates, one with veggies and the other one with various meats.

the broth is very flavorful. you don't even have to use the condiments to make the food tasty. first time i saw kangkong on a shabu shabu, but it was still apt, considering this is my favorite local green. i liked the tofu a lot, smooth and soft. the chicken was tender as well, liked the fact it was the thigh part since breast meat is usually dry. i also enjoyed the innards, it was better compared to others.

unfortunately, i didn't enjoy the chicken feet much. this is a chinese food staple for me and i've had better.

i also noticed that the iced tea was not instant. not sure if it's a house blend or they use something else. but it was good.

overall, it was pleasurable meal. i'd probably get a craving for this particular shabu shabu because of the distinct flavor of the broth. but one thing noticeable was that the waiter cooked it for us. i'm used to cooking my own shabu shabu and he took the fun away from me hehe. i hope they'll just ask their customers first whether they want it done for them or own their own.

gloria maris
shangri-la mall


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    My favorite is their lobster and beef balls if I'm ordering hotpot!
    Hmmm... I never tried the dried scallop and wintermelon broth before. I should. I always stick to the satay broth.

  2. yeah the beef balls were good. try the broth next time.