Jun 23, 2008

the secret recipe

haven't had lunch by 3pm. the ortigas traffic was just horrible. i wanted to eat something filling before going to an appointment. have read about secret recipe and they have a newly opened branch at the shangri-la mall.

unfortunately, all dishes will take about 10-15 minutes and i was in a hurry. so we just got their pies. we had cornish pie (spicy), stuffed with chunks of pork cooked in a spicy thick curry sauce. i liked the crust a lot. it was very moist and buttery.

we also got the black pepper lamb pie. different appearance but the dough is basically the same with the cornish pie. love love the crust. i love lamb so this one is my favorite.

the pies cost more than a hundred pesos each but they were very filling. could be a meal itself and not just a snack. they have a wide selection of cakes and asian noodle dishes that might pique your interest. i'll probably come back to try the other items.

secret recipe
shangrila mall
the fort

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