Feb 4, 2010

my japanese comfort food: teriyaki boy

had a couple of quick errands at the mall and i couldn't decide on where to eat and then i saw one of my favorite casual dining places. nice interiors, definitely a different teriyaki boy than what i'm used to. i'm not sure if the other branches have had overhauls or this one was an exception being a fairly new branch at the new sm annex which i love btw except for the crazy escalator layout...too tiring lah!

ebi tempura - crunchy and freshly made...a tad oily but still a treat.

during my last visit they have a new menu of special rolls well not a unique fare since we've been used to all these types of rolls in other restos. this is the dynamite roll...wow...really a dynamite eventually had to scrape off the rice and just ate the tuna pieces which is what i actually paid for anyway.


  1. i love Teriyaki Boy's mapo tofu!!

  2. my fave is the tofu steak =)