Feb 21, 2010


i'm getting lazy blogging about food, i might result to photoblogs soon. here's a dinner i had at mesa. filipino dishes with a twist. to be honest, i was not impressed at all. we all loved the sizzling tofu but it seems like the rest was mediocre. friendly prices for its location at GB5 if i remember correctly not a dish went beyond 300PHP if it did it fell into the lower 300 plus range. no exact prices for this one, i think i lost it back in manila.

duck confit with basil fried rice? something like that. i know it has duck and basil.

laing friend rice

bistek bangus belly

sweet and spicy seafoods? apologies i really forgot the names. maybe because it was a forgettable dinner.

sizzling tofu

ostrich salpicao, chose this because of its novelty. true enough the reviews are right, ostrich meat is quite tough. go for the traditional salpicao or better yet wagyu salpicao.

as i've said prices are affordable, food ain't that mind blowing. if you'd want an affordable resto to eat at GB5 i would recommend john and yoko or good ol' reliable chilli's.

greenbelt 5

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