Feb 9, 2010

charlie's grind and grill

been wanting to go to charlie's and finally made the time to go there. good american/western food is always welcome especially when you've been eating everything asian.

first, black angus burger. nothing special if you ask me, i barely remember it so i reckon it was just ordinary. the fries were nice though.

philly cheesteak, this one i loved. flavorful and tender beef slices, i could probably finish one whole by myself.

buffalo wings, it was ok nothing to really rave about. liked the blue cheese dip.

we came in past lunch time already around 1pm i think and service was terrible. yes it was so slow, we had to wait for i don't how long but it took a long time and we had to follow up several times considering we could see a lot of burgers being prepared and i felt like despite the place being full, the orders were still manageable. if i was in restaurant city i'll be having my thumbs down. parking is also difficult. would i go out of my way to come back? maybe not. it was just too much of a hassle for burgers, sandwiches and buffalo wings you can get else where.

charlie's grind and grill
east kapitolyo drive, pasig city


  1. i wanna try this.. if only it's nearer my place.

  2. yeah sorta hard to get to here