Jul 27, 2009

okonomiyaki at low yat

aaack! i am such a lazy blogger...sorry folks been preoccupied with my farm hehe. yeap joined the farm town bandwagon. well, here's a quick post before the month ends.

i have always wanted to try okonomiyaki. read a lot about kagura in little tokyo but didn't get the chance to go there. been reading a lot about kl food finds and i stumbled about this okonomiyaki place at low yat plaza. low yat is the I.T. hub in kl so for anyone who plans to buy gadgets this is the place to be.

the ground level is basically the resto area...cannot say food court since it doesn't look like one. my friend got to try this already so i was so excited. we got seafood okonomiyaki. watched the chef prepared it with a thin layer of egg and then the veggies and the meats and all the ingredients.

it was good. but truth be told i was not ecstatic, i expected it to be crunchy but it wasn't. with all the ingredients i could imagine how much moisture there is but i still wonder whether this is how okonomiyaki should be. now, i really have to try kagura to find out. but this one is pretty good it just fell short of what i imagined it to be. we even ordered extra scallops teppanyaki which was so tender.

i forgot how much this was but could be RM30-50 including three bottomless green teas.

ground level
low yat plaza, kl

Jul 21, 2009

latest recipe @ le meridien

i suddenly had a craving for a decent breakfast and all i could think of is a breakfast spread from a hotel. i was sure that i'd get both continental and asian dishes in one go. so i posted my craving via facebook and voila...friends obliged to this random foodtrip.

le meridien's buffet would always come up in my searches so i chose the place. the breakfast buffet is RM68 but with tax and service charge it's RM80 net or roughly PHP1K. so here's what i got.

a wake me upper is a fruit shooter. we were approached by one of the waitresses and asked us which one we would like either raspberry or mango chilli.

the berry lover in me chose raspberry and the tartness of the shooter would really give you that kick. as for the mango chilli my friend said it's like mango salsa which was also pleasing to the palate.

for my first plate, i got some dimsum. i loved it - soft, moist, you know that they were freshly made. usually the dimsum places here would chill their dimsum and reheat them when customers would order. but these ones are fresh! but the sad thing, is the chilli. if you'll notice they have a different condiment for their dimsum which is like a fresh chilli sauce with an asado/siopao like sauce. all dimsum places here serve the same condiments. i miss chilli garlic oil.

got myself a cup of congee as well. very bland i should say. it's like they boiled chicken and rice together and that was it. no hints of ginger and very less salt practically nil. i topped it with century egg that was bland as well and some fried onions.

still on my asian theme, i wanted to try their nasi lemak but it was cold so i just opted for the ones in the hot plates =) . got some indonesian fried rice - nothing special or extraordinary. kari kambing or curry mutton cooked rendang style which is my favorite type of curry...loved it. there's some ikan bilis which is basically our dilis cooked in chilli paste and spices.

i also got loh see fun, this was my favorite stir fried noodles for breakfast when i was staying in a hotel. the noodles are round, a bit thick but not like lomi more like rice noodles but not translucent. and of course tofu, these ones i think are the eggy types very silky and yellowish in color.

ok time to make that crossover or not, mixed my plate with some indian vegetarian items like a chickpea fritter of some sort which was dry and the green ball which i thought was spinach was made up of sweet green peas...eiwww. i had to spit it out. bad choice i should say. the sausages and ham were fine of course.

no more asian stuff, off to the continental ones. i whipped myself a salad made of mesclun, peppers and cucumber, topped with feta cheese and drizzled with oil from the sundried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. i perfectly dressed the salad so i was happy with it.

i also got the poached egg on a brioche topped with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. the salmon was really good, no fishy after taste whatsoever. loved it!

and for desserts, i got myself a "souffle" topped with berries. it was no souffle, it was so dry and grainy that it reminded me of wheat germ. and then the best one, bread pudding topped with vanilla sauce with a nice surprise at the bottom. it has flan...leche flan at the bottom!!! though the bread pudding itself was not as moist and mushy as i want it to be...the flan sealed the deal.

a variety of drinks are available from tea, coffee, fresh fruit juices, there's even bottled water and the unique drink was lassi. thicker than the usual which i deem should be good because i know it is packed with fruits and yogurt. overall, it was a pleasing dining experience. i just think i could have eaten more hehehe...having two cups of tea might have made me full a bit faster. next time i'll indulge myself with more dimsum =).

latest recipe
5th level le meridien
2 jalan stesen sentral

Jul 5, 2009

kl: xin wah

was thinking on where to have lunch post the sunday mass and we decided to go the the nearby queen's park where there is a steamboat resto. unfortunately, the resto was closed and we had to choose between the two restos on each side of the steamboat place.

i was partial to the one with more customers so we headed to xin wah. when we sat down, an auntie (common term for older chinese women) asked us immediately, bak kut teh? oh they have bak kut teh and we immediately said yes. actually, bkt is in my must try list. for a foodie like me, who hasn't tried it out yet even after months of being in kl would seem to be such a loser. bkt is pork in tea, something like that. basically, pork cooked in a broth of tea and spices.

been reading about bkt since i wanted to find a decent place in kl which serves this and when the auntie said yau char kwai? i said yes. it's basically chinese crullers that are dunked into the broth of the bkt.

and of course, the much anticipated bak kut teh.

it's made of different cuts of pork - belly, ribs and intestines. oh i loved the intestines hehe i miss isaw badly. topped with wansuy and a bean curd sheet. the broth has a hint of bitter taste but it was not overpowering at all. the dip is similar to shabu shabu/steamboat in manila, lots of chopped chilli and garlic with soy sauce according to your preference.

bkt, is a must try. the only place i know in manila that serves this is ockt and as far as i can remember the price is a bit steep. i am not exactly sure on how much the bkt was but probably it was Rm15 or around 200 PHP and it was really a huge serving good for two starving people hehe.

xin wah
queen's park
jalan shelly, kuala lumpur