Aug 26, 2014

when in must eat gelato

unfortunately, i am not an ice cream lover. but i do enjoy this cool dessert once in a while. and because i'm in italy...gelato is a must whether i was in the mood or not. luckily the weather was warmer and enjoying a cold cup of gelato is actually a treat. i was only able to try 3 gelatos in italy. here's my take on each and everyone of them.

1. san crispino

i reckon this is the most famous gelato in roma. the caramel flavor is there, but somehow i didn't enjoy the sticky consistency of the gelato. it wasn't smooth and creamy as i expected it to be.

2. venchi

this wasn't on my list but the owner of our b&b recommended this place. this is right across the mercato nuovo and was perfect after all the walking we did in florence. again i had caramel or was it dulce de leche? i forget. this has the smoothest consistency this was like a rich ice cream not too dense but very creamy.

3. grom 

another perfect stop after an entire day of walking the streets of florence. the reviews are indeed correct. grom's flavors are rich but the texture is similar to san crispino just a bit better.

if you ask me venchi, wins just because of the consistency, it would be perfect if it has the richness in flavors as grom's gelato =). 

other gelato brands i would have loved to try would be flor in rome, gelateria la carraia and perche no in florence.

san crispino
via della panetteria, 42
(near the trevi fountain)
rome, italy

vicolo calimaruzza, 18
right across the mercato nouvo
florence, italy

via del campanile angolo delle oche
near piazza del duomo
florence, italy

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