Mar 31, 2014

we love beso

the last of my 2013 eats and one of the best meals of 2013. we didn't have a kl christmas dinner so we decided to meet up in manila instead. beso exceeded our expectations, we liked it a lot.

forgot what this is called, but basically a selection of chorizos and ham.
we liked everything, they are not salty at all.

this isn't really spectacular but it's quite unique, dark chocolate and
chorizo on bread.

clams with white wine? yummy just soak the bread in the sauce.

mussels with a tomato based sauce..yummy too!

humongous prawns/shrimps were used for the gambas.
i am salivating right now as i try to recall this dish.

the paella is overloaded with seafood, this is the only
time i 'll complain about a paella not having enough rice.

we really loved this dinner. maybe we should make it a tradition and hopefully next time more kl friends can join. we had sangria too, such a gastronomic treat.

bhs central
bonifacio global city

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