Mar 28, 2014


i've wanted to try this place for the longest time and finally had the chance. unfortunately i wasn't impressed. not that the food was bad but it wasn't mind blowing as well. i guess the good reviews gave me higher expectations. it's good enough if you want to try traditional filipino food fare or filipino food with a twist. 

cheese stuffed chili in spring roll wrapper. forgot how they call this but this is
commonly known as dynamite. it's not spicy at all.

pako aka fern salad with a citrusy vinaigrette tossed with tomatoes,
smoked fish and salted egg.

patis (fish sauce) wings - sweet, salty and crispy

garlicky bangus belly

beef short ribs sinigang with watermelon

mango and kesong puti turon

greenbelt 2
makati city

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