Jan 15, 2011

a trip to old manila

my first dinner as soon as i arrived in manila. it felt like the amazing race...naia to qc to makati and talk about brain rewiring for left hand drive since it's right hand drive in kl.

anyway, here's the food me and my friends shared in old manila. the service was great but the food was really not something to rave about. our bill was around 8k for all these dishes (1 serving for each only) and we didn't even have any drinks.

freebie bread

complimentary amuse bouche - foie gras terrine of some sort to tickle the tastebuds

a salad - i forgot the name and it was forgettable as well.

lobster bisque with chopped fresh salmon - it tasted like the sea...too seafoody (i know it's not a word) it was huge probably enough for 2-3 persons.

a bitter and sour calamansi sorbet to cleanse the palate (freebie too)

pan fried seabass - it was like frying my own seabass at home...b and i were disappointed

surf and turf - c and g's favorite dish to order. the filet mignon was cooked right - medium well as i prefer it. it was moist and tender.

rack of lamb - also cooked perfectly. tender without the gamey after taste.

the quality of the dishes were good but there really was no wow factor...oops there was one thing i really loved though the fries that came with the surf and turf. crispy handcut fries, but that's about it. i was really sad to part ways with my moolah because of this dinner.

old manila
manila peninsula hotel
ayala ave. cor. makati ave.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    The quality of Old Manila's food has deteriorated over time, unfortunately. Next time you're at the Manila Pen, give Escolta a try.

  2. thanks midge. my friends and i reckon we would have been happier if we ate at the lobby =)