Nov 21, 2010

ikea food hall

i have been obsessed with ikea since i was young. moving to kl gave me the thrill of going there. i was intrigued when i found out at that they have a food hall as well and i knew i had to try it.

got myself a baked salmon. well it's not overly great but it's good enough. it's very european in a sense that there are not much flavors or spices. it's alright i forgot how much this was since i've taken this ages ago.

but being a swede company, shouldn't one try swedish meatballs too? my friend and i both wanted the salmon so we got it but we also wanted to try the meatballs so we decided to share the smallest serving. the meatball was dry and doesn't have much flavor. it's so so.

honestly, food wasn't impressive. i wonder why people line up - the food hall is always packed with people. maybe just hungry shoppers who want to get a quick fix. however, ikea in malaysia is adjacent to a mall with lots of restos to choose from. all i can say is, it's really not to die for but trying it out wouldn't hurt as well.

ikano power center
petaling jaya, malaysia

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