Feb 1, 2009

l'opera @ the fort

another quest to try out the mbkrs winners. this time it's for the best italian restaurant which is l'opera. pardon the pics, my camera was dying on me and didn't have time to get better shots.

we got freebie bread with 3 spreads - butter, checca (tomatoes, olive oil and basil) and liver pate. the bread was freshly made, i liked the ones in triangles which were soft and crunchy with rosemary.

we ordered a pasta and meat dish and had them split into. as such, the smaller serving portion.

carre d'agnello alla romana (PHP 710), grilled lamb chops with a light balsamic vinaigrette served with spinach, potatoes and other veggies. the lamb was tender and didn't have that gamey taste, as such we didn't realize that it was cooked medium. might have finished everything until i saw too much redness already and couldn't let myself eat meat that raw.

tagliatelle delicate... (PHP 440) had a long name. it's basically tagliatelle with crab meat and baby clams. it has this unique taste which i cannot figure out what. my friend c deems it's just the crab but i'm convinced it's an herb they used.

panna cotta tartufo (PHP 290) expensive? i'd like to think so, especially since it costs as much as an entree in other restos. but is it worth it? definitely!!! the panna cotta was so rich and creamy and yet it's not "nakakasuya". the balsamic, honey and walnuts gave nice contrast of flavors.

it was a pleasant meal indeed. i'd like to think it was worth every peso spent. but something just bothers me, after the meal and just a couple of minutes, c and i both started feeling sleepy. and we've had meals wherein we were completely stuffed but never felt sleepy. i was just wondering if there was something in what we ate that induced sleepiness....the balsamic vinegar? is the alcohol content in it that strong that we both would feel sleepy? my mom says it's the msg. i'd be shock to find out that those dishes were laden with msg thus the instant knockout. maybe next time i'd try dishes without any balsamic and see if i'd still get that sleepy feeling afterwards.

the fort strip
global city, taguig


  1. the best panna cotta i've tasted yet... :)

  2. yeah really nice panna cotta.