Feb 6, 2009

i enjoy good food and drinks

that's how i will loosely translate je suis gourmand, literally, it means i am a gourmand. so let's see if i enjoyed my dinner there last night.

we got freebie bread, nothing extraordinary and served with miniature lurpak. honestly, will you get a first good impression?

for appetizers we had roasted bone marrow "sordelaise" with herbs (PHP 390), this is not what i expected. based on what i've seen in another blog, the marrow is still in the bones. but what we were served with is cubed bone marrow sauteed with mushrooms. it's not fun to eat marrow that is very much in its solid state...it's like eating chunks of pork fat. wouldn't it be nice to have it in a bulalo like consistency with the marrow being jiggly and glistening. the flavor was nice though i wouldn't contest that.

for our mains, we had simmered ox tongue with ravigote sauce and parsley marble potatoes (PHP 390). i started with the marble potatoes and dipped it into the ravigote sauce. i almost spitted out the entire thing. it was so sour, really sour. i dunno if that's how a ravigote sauce should taste like..it's like a reduced version of sinigang. maybe i like my lengua with the traditional sauces but with how the entire dish tasted i don't think it was meant to be served that way. had to scrape off all the sauce and eat the lengua plain which was flavorful enough. still, i was so disappointed with this one.

another dish is the roasted chilean seabass with saffron risotto and tomato garlic coulis (PHP 860). again the tomato garlic coulis was a bit on the tart side but was perfectly acceptable due to the acidic nature of tomatoes. the risotto was ok and chilean seabass??? oh so not fresh! it already have this mushy texture...good thing it was not fishy in taste. gheez, i wonder if it was possible to have complained over the quality of the fish that they would replace it. b and i have had seabass before and we both know that the quality they served us last night was way below par.

getting frustrated with how the dinner has turned out, we opted to give dessert a chance to save our meal. we got banana caramel souffle (PHP 180). well nothing spectacular about it. it was so so, it was our first time to eat souffle and it didn't make an impression.

this was one resto i've looking forward to eating at and i ended up pretty much disappointed. among the mbkrs winners i have tried, this one was a strike out unfortunately.

je suis gourmand
net 1 building
the fort


  1. Darn...ang mahal! Sana nag-shangrila hotel buffet ka na lang....hehe. But i guess that's what food blogging is all about-- you will have to try every restaurant, no matter if it's known to have great food or not. Hoping to read other stuff from you, like mga hard to find restos and mga cheap finds. I like to eat too-- hahhahha...:-)

  2. Sauce ravigote should only be mildly tart. Seriously, pairing it with the lengua was a bad call on the part of the restaurant.

    Personally, I would recommend ordering takeaway over at Le Cuisine Francaise at the Salcedo Market rather than eating in at Je Suis Gourmet - so hyped but really disappointing.

  3. @ alina - yeah pricey but you just wanna try out the cuisine sometimes and that's the reason i try to read alot of reviews and get personal inputs. nagpamahal lang talaga yung seabass.

    @midge - yeah i thought that it's just supposed to be mild in taste. and i would have to agree that using a vinegar based sauce with the delicate ox tongue would not appeal to lengua lovers.

    le cuisine is a bit pricey considering its just take away. i've only tried the baked fish which didn't really wow me. but maybe the other items are way better.