Sep 3, 2008

korea garden in jupiter

craving for something that will tickle my taste buds, b and i decided to eat at korea garden. it was lunch time but good thing it was not packed and the parking is not full.

typical of korean restos, you get some freebie appetizers.

my usual korean food fix will always have samgyupsal (295 PHP). thin slices of pork with lettuce leaves and soybean paste. not shown on the pics are the shredded scallions on top which was tossed with some korean spices (they forgot about it and served it afterwards). the pork is too thin for me which basically got overcooked in the hot plate. the quality of lettuce leaves was also a disappointment. small leaves with a lot of probably.

also got nacchi bogum (chilli octopus) 295 PHP. the menu said octopus but i deemed it was squid. nothing spectacular about it. i cannot help but compare it with koreano's. the taste of koreano's was unforgettable that you'll crave for it unlike this one.

also got chap chae (280 PHP), a bit bland or should i say lightly seasoned. but i'd rather have a lightly seasoned jap chae than an overseasoned one that you can barely eat because of the saltiness so this one is ok.

a regular fare. nothing to rave about. by far, i'd have to say koreano pleases me more in terms of taste and value for money.

korea garden

jupiter st. makati

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