Sep 24, 2008

the "mann" hybrid

there are two "mann" restos in the metro. the first one is mann hann which is a chinese restaurant and the second one is mannang which is a filipino resto owned by the same family.

these restos are usually separate except for the branch in sm moa which has one dining area with two sets of menu. when we had lunch, we only got yang chow from mann hann and the rest was from the mannang menu. here's what we got.

yang chow (195 PHP) - moist fried rice. not as flavorful as others but quite acceptable considering the serving size.

kaldereta (260 PHP) - tender meat but not flavorful enough. doesn't have that homecooked style which has a thick and flavorful sauce.

sweet and sour fish with mango chutney (240 PHP) - a refreshing way to have your sweet and sour fish. a bit too sweet for me but still good.

tofu sisig (120 PHP) - my favorite. the tofu was perfect, smooth texture with a nice fried skin that gives a contrast in textures. the mild sauce didn't overpower the dish. maybe it's just the tofu lover in me but i loved this dish.

spicy chicken (195 PHP) - spicy fried chicken cooked like salt and pepper squid... stir fried chillis and green onions mixed with fried chicken.

a wide array of dishes to choose from traditional to classic dishes with a twist that will cater to everyone.this place is ideal for families or groups who have varying tastes.


sm moa


  1. I'm a major Mann Hann fan, too! Their tofu tempura is super yum-worthy.

  2. will try that next time =).