Oct 3, 2006

bad bad foodie

oh well i haven't updated my blog yet and my mouth has been watering because of the food blogs i read. check out lori's you'll get the links of wysgal and blairmitch in there as well. so what have i been up to? it seems that i haven't had 'foodtrips' yet just 'expensive' meals which have totally consumed my foodtrip budget. but anyway, as of writing i am still craving for jap food and i'm not talking about a craving that can be satisfied by teriyaki boy...i'm talking about a trip to red kimono or the elusive omakase or even sumo sam will suffice but i actually wanna try out omakase recent trip to that place got a bit messed up. after seeing a blog on cyma i wanna come back again because i can't forget the oh so tender osso bucco waaaah. and what else? japchae yes i have a craving for jap chae. the kaya experience was not that pleasant, i was not pleased with my food - spent around 300 bucks for glass noodles with carrots and onions and a squid omelette tsk tsk. i am tempted to just buy from the canteen tomorrow i just have to go through the pains of heating it up because i am pretty sure it's not hot but i know it will satisfy my craving definitely.

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