Apr 23, 2016


before anything else, here's the gorgeous view from fuego. 

i am enamored with the petronas towers, i don't know why. i find it really gorgeous. so this was an impromptu dinner, fuego is one of the restos in troika. it's the most casual place and sits on a terrace part of the building. so checkout the weather before going and make reservations to get a good seat. 

the salad was quite refreshing, couldn't figure out what was the dressing something like a yuzu-soy based dressing, but i reckon it is not since this is a south american/latin resto.

stuffed jalapenos, my oh my, why was this bloody hot. there weren't any seeds and yet it was spicy. are jalapenos really like that? i mean i'm used to the pickled ones being spicy but those have seeds.

fuego guacamole, it's chunky has a nice punch of garlic and all the herbs and spices. definitely freshly made. unfortunately the veggie chips don't carry the guacamole well. they should just use plain tortilla chips.

ribs...i forgot the exact name. this was very flavorful and tender. can you see them off the bone already?

potato pancake aka rosti can't remember if this is complimentary, like a free side for the ribs. the problem with this one is, the potatoes inside are still raw but the outside is just perfectly crispy.

the food is good, price is is a bit steep, you can have a similar meal in a random resto at the mall but nothing beats the view.

the troika, persiaran klcc
kuala lumpur 

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