Sep 10, 2014

florence: da nerbone

when you look up on good eats in florence you will always come across da nerbone a famous food stall in mercato centrale. i love that florence has an accessible market. it is filled with italian food items, it felt like i was in a specialty store...but then again these are normal food items in italy!

but i digress, da nerbone is an institution in florence. they serve one of the quintessential florentine dishes - lampredotto. it's the cow's stomach. you know me, i love offal =). so when i read about this i knew i had try it.

panino lampredotto

lampredotto is served in a sandwich, but you can also opt to just order it sans the bread. i requested the two sauces as everyone recommended. salsa verde and salsa piccante - one is parsley based and the other is chilli based but it's only a bit spicy. i find the bread crusty and perfect to absorb the juices of the lampredotto. other reviews recommend bagnato wherein the entire sandwich is dipped in the broth.

it's a bit bland. but i like the texture of the lampredotto, i wonder whether they can add more sauce for free :D.

panino bollito

the bollito is basically like a roast beef sandwich, thin beef slices with the same sauce as the lampredotto. i didn't get to try this anymore because i was stuffed with the lampredotto.

not exceptional, but it's a good cheap eat and it's very filling too.

da nerbone
mercato centrale
florence, italy

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