May 21, 2010

kl: xenri d'river terrace

i honestly thought i have no more pics to upload. i haven't been eating at new places and pretty much lazy to take photos anymore...i wonder why? anyway, i just realized i still have a couple more and might be taking more photos soon.

was stumped thinking where we will have our team dinner. yes, i'm the expat and my team lead asked me to find the place. well i've eaten at more places than most of the locals have so i have built a reputation at the office. after much scouring in the net, my teammate found xenri d' river terrace which is just a couple of minutes away from the office - the reason this place was chosen. they serve fresh seafood flown in from japan. the place was nice especially the private dining areas. you have to cross a kois pond to reach the dinig area.

yeap, they have a kois pond in between dining rooms. as seen in the pic above. anyway, here's what we got.

edamame for appetizers...not really a fan. boss's wife ordered this :).

spider roll??? this one has softshell crab.

don't know which roll but has tempura inside if i'm not mistaken with avocado on top.

the sushi boat...the wait staff decided on this. don't be deceived this occupied our entire table and to think that in a group of 8 only 5 will eat. lots of sashimi, some fish roe, and my first time to try uni which was not really bad.

seaweed tempura for my vegetarian teammate.

mixed tempura for the rest of us.

baked oysters with mayo??? yeah don't they know about bechamel...seriously even white pizza here uses mayo.

MY boss's favorite...UK boss was initially grossed out but after trying it...he just fell in love with it too. he finished it off hehe...unagi is heart....really heart.

seafood udon - the UK boss liked this one too.

some scallops that was simmering above a charcoal filled mini burner.

sizzling tofu for my vegetarian teammate, didn't try this one they said it was good too.

everything was delish so i will not comment on each food item anymore. since there was too much sashimi, the leftovers were turned into tempura. it was really nice that they can be flexible with that. our bill came up around 1200RM if i'm not mistaken and that's around 17K PHP we got sake but that's only 200RM.

xenri d' river terrace
wisma elken (across pearl point)
jalan klang lama
kuala lumpur