Jan 18, 2010

keeping it cool at red mango

tired with all the window shopping i decided to take a break. the red mango at greenbelt 3 has a very nice location. you can sit outside on comfy couches overlooking greenbelt, it was a perfect afternoon with the cool breeze that was relaxing for a tiresome shopper like me.

fancy curvy white bowls and small stainless steel flat spoons are probably the trademarks of this froyo chain. i was looking forward to a nice bowl of froyo with my favorite strawberries...until my jaw dropped at the counter when i heard that they don't have strawberries. so i verified, you don't have strawberries now or you really don't have strawberries? they don't have strawberries!!! how can that be possible???

i found myself clueless because strawberry is the first thing that comes to my mind on about almost everything. so i opted for grapes because earlier that day i was craving for grapes to match my cheeses and nuts at sofitel but there was none. i asked them what would be perfect to pair with grapes and they said blueberries...eh??? canned blueberries is all they have and i really think it was not a perfect match. so i just decided to just get the fresh looking watermelon. the toppings were fresh and the froyo has a smooth texture. there's enough tartness in the froyo but somehow i find it too light. it wasn't as creamy as the ones i've had in other places. i reckon that for those who don't like yogurt that much, this would be the perfect froyo. smooth and very light - less creamy and less tart. but for me, i honestly don't like how light it was. i would rather choose the more tart but heavier/creamier californiaberry. well i still have one more froyo place to check so watch out on what my verdict is on that one.

red mango
greenbelt 3

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