Apr 18, 2016

maginhawa eats

caution, hot! spicy noodle house. this is actually along magiting street off maginhawa, across mini stop. expect a line and if you're lucky you get to wait inside otherwise it's gonna be outside along the busy road. the broth is flavorful and very filling it's the best bang for your buck, we actually just split one order since i find the serving too big. we also ordered dumplings which i forgot to take a picture of. 

sancho churreria, we had a churro craving and luckily sancho was nearby. it's light and not oily at all. compared to la lola i think this is overpriced at 85PHP if i'm not mistaken.

caution, hot! spicy noodle house
magiting street
teacher's village, diliman qc

sancho churreria
maginhawa street 
teacher's village, diliman qc

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