Jul 22, 2016

hk: kam's roast goose

kam's roast goose hails from the family who owns yung kee, which used to be the best roasted goose in hongkong, well based on the reviews i've read. yung kee has become pricey and let's say commercialized so i steered away from it. and since kam recently got its michelin star, i thought it would be the better alternative to yung kee and it would probably taste the same.

oh gheez, what can i say. it was such a disappointment. it was so chewy and i had to consume half a goose. oh yeah! they said they ran out of smaller portions and i can just buy half a goose, really??? haha maybe it's a marketing plot. i got there close to opening time how can they not have smaller portions. but i digress, i was really disappointed. and the meat is floating in the juices. i dunno if the juices came separately or because the goose were chopped too early/while it is still hot.

and i'm not sure if they gave me the wrong noodles but i ordered the signature noodles which was highly recommended and it was meh. at this point, i was really dismayed i finished my meal early and took everything to go. well i guess i don't have to sum it all up, you get the drift. 

kam's roast goose
po wah commercial centre
226 hennessy road, wanchai

May 23, 2016

hk: yat lok

this was my first meal in hongkong. i was sick but i had to ensure i tried yat lok since i am not sure of their business hours during the chinese new year so it was at the top of my list.

this is the best roasted goose on earth! haha...ok fine i'm not sure about that. but this roasted goose is hard to beat. it's highly rated (michelin starred) and anthony bourdain also concurs. the meat is flavorful and so tender and the skin is crispy. ahhh...i still dream about it.

yat lok
g/f 34-38, stanley street

Apr 23, 2016


before anything else, here's the gorgeous view from fuego. 

i am enamored with the petronas towers, i don't know why. i find it really gorgeous. so this was an impromptu dinner, fuego is one of the restos in troika. it's the most casual place and sits on a terrace part of the building. so checkout the weather before going and make reservations to get a good seat. 

the salad was quite refreshing, couldn't figure out what was the dressing something like a yuzu-soy based dressing, but i reckon it is not since this is a south american/latin resto.

stuffed jalapenos, my oh my, why was this bloody hot. there weren't any seeds and yet it was spicy. are jalapenos really like that? i mean i'm used to the pickled ones being spicy but those have seeds.

fuego guacamole, it's chunky has a nice punch of garlic and all the herbs and spices. definitely freshly made. unfortunately the veggie chips don't carry the guacamole well. they should just use plain tortilla chips.

ribs...i forgot the exact name. this was very flavorful and tender. can you see them off the bone already?

potato pancake aka rosti can't remember if this is complimentary, like a free side for the ribs. the problem with this one is, the potatoes inside are still raw but the outside is just perfectly crispy.

the food is good, price is is a bit steep, you can have a similar meal in a random resto at the mall but nothing beats the view.

the troika, persiaran klcc
kuala lumpur 

Apr 19, 2016

kl:the counter

the counter is a burger joint. you basically customize your burger from the type of patty to the size, cheese, bread and fillings. surprisingly the sauce is served separately, as you can see in the picture below.  i find my onions too big and raw, i thought they were like caramelized onions. i ordered a brioche bun because i like my bread soft and rich. 

this is the sad part, my onion rings. i wish i just ordered fries or sweet potato fries which they did pretty well. surprisingly, in other reviews i saw the onion rings golden brown and crunchy not like this one. i guess we should have complained!

overall, it's still a great burger experience but the it comes with a hefty price tag as well.

the counter
pavilion mall
bukit bintang, kuala lumpur

Apr 18, 2016

maginhawa eats

caution, hot! spicy noodle house. this is actually along magiting street off maginhawa, across mini stop. expect a line and if you're lucky you get to wait inside otherwise it's gonna be outside along the busy road. the broth is flavorful and very filling it's the best bang for your buck, we actually just split one order since i find the serving too big. we also ordered dumplings which i forgot to take a picture of. 

sancho churreria, we had a churro craving and luckily sancho was nearby. it's light and not oily at all. compared to la lola i think this is overpriced at 85PHP if i'm not mistaken.

caution, hot! spicy noodle house
magiting street
teacher's village, diliman qc

sancho churreria
maginhawa street 
teacher's village, diliman qc

Apr 16, 2016

rita's italian ice

rita's is a us franchise. they sell frozen custard and italian ice. it's meant to be shared regardless of the size haha. this one is a gelati which is alternating layers of frozen custard and italian ice. i think this is the best if you want to try both. the italian ice cuts the richness of the custard.  the custard is smooth and the ice is fine. the ice has great flavors they don't taste too artificial for me :D...i like the mango and strawberry. 

rita's italian ice
v mall greenhills
up town center

Apr 15, 2016


there used to be a long queue for milkcow, after a couple of months i finally got a chance to try it. it's smooth, milky and just the right sweetness. it's made from organic milk if i'm not mistaken. has a hefty pricetag but it's a worthy splurge. there are a lot of toppings/variants to choose from but i prefer the plain one with just honey.

the gardens mall